Härtberg Ethics

- Driven by love, concern for the wellbeing of all life, the belief that what one person can do sincerely matters, the sustainability of progress, and by the ability to continuously become more aware of what’s within arms reach.
- To come to personal terms and respect for our environment and the life which inhabits.
-To ground what is essential for maximum living.
-To present what we have learned and implemented so far to those who inquire and have acquired the need to know.
-To build something together with optimism and hand to hand creativity for not only our collective futures but our individual present.
-Keeping things innovative, fresh, just-out-the-soil, so our service can be a constant stream of enlivening energy.
-Before ever deciding on a business product or service our first prerogative was to address our convictions about the nature of the service itself. Everything after that has just been the physical expression taken shape. Enjoy.