Elements of Reparative Sleep:

Sleep is the counterbalance to activity and you cannot have good health without it.

At night we are eating vibrational food as we re-charge by the moon’s gravitational pole, the stars and their constellations, and these meridians that pass through our horizontal frames.

As it stands now most are half a sleep during the day and cannot sleep at night.
Sleep should be easy to achieve with the correct balance of activity and nutritional intake during the day.

Sleeping over 8 hours a night is a sign that there is an imbalance in the body as it needs longer to repair and come into a whole state.

Fatigue is the first stage of illness.

Sleep cleanses and repairs automatic nervous system and detoxes our bodies of unwanted material.

The way you feel when you wake up sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Sleep on natural materials allowing your body to breathe and remove toxins with ease. Also feeling grounded when sleeping is important- flat beds, mild temperatures, air flow, fung shui or furniture placement can assist you in feeling a sense of control when in sleep. Also clutter can have a large effect on sleep, basic principles of a clear floor and counter space as well as nothing under the bed allow for a clarity of thought and a more restful sleep.

The bedroom should have one true purpose- to be a space to rejuvenate you for your daily activities. This means no other activity should happen here- meaning no reading, eating, paperwork, etc. This will allow you to walk into your bedroom at night and feel like it is a space for rest. Creating zones though out your home will create the same effect. Have spaces for eating, reading, dressing, writing, etc.

Kidney’s have a strong connection to sleep as they are in their repair stage during 1-3am
Kidneys are associated with water or floating energy and is in charge of bladder and the reproductive organs.

How do you know if your kidneys are functioning properly? You can read your body. Your face is the external counterpart to your internal organs. The different facial features formed in correlation with corresponding organs during the development stages. An outward expression of your internal functioning. So all parts have a corresponding feature not just on the face, but everywhere on the body that was also forming at the same time with the same nutritional or DNA building blocks to work with.

Let’s look at the Kidney for example- the Kidney corresponds to the under eyes, the ears, and the center pads of the feet. If the skin under the eye is dark purple or red this is due to a lack of circulation and an accumulation of toxins in your blood. To bring the state of your kidneys (the root cause of the under eye color) to balance then one should eat foods which will alleviate the compression and allow for blood to flow easily. When the kidneys are well nourished they can then perform their job of expelling the body of toxins. The kidneys are damaged from too many contracting foods, simple sugars which turn into liquid, as well as the other extreme of expansive foods like alcohol.

When the kidneys are in imbalance it is a cause for insomnia as the body is out of balance and is not able to repair itself given that its reparative organs are undernourished. The same is true of the gallbladder, spleen, and the liver.

Overeating and over activity are also harmful as they can be over-stimulating and lead to more food cravings and more unrest. The stomach should be empty when slipping into bed so the body doesn’t have to spend time digesting, it can use sleep instead as a time to eliminate toxins.

Sleep needs to be regulated just as meal times need to be consistent. The body will come to regulate itself based on consistency. Metabolism needs regulation, just as the body’s internal clock needs to be regulated.

When you live against nature, you live against the bodies natural cycles and it is more difficult for the body to balance itself.

Sleep is most restful between the hours of 10pm and 6am. The hours of the night which correspond to the meridians the earth passes through and the order in which our organs repair themselves.

Shiatsu massage is good for relaxing muscles and relieving pressure points. Yoga is good for relaxing the mind though exerting the body to find rest as a balancing point.

Lastly, a hot shower and a body scrub consisting of a hot washcloth rubbed across the entire body before bed will aid in circulation and a more restful sleep.

The body was designed to heal itself, given the right tools your body can take care of the rest.