About me

A California native, Chrystal Hartberg grew up under the sun’s blazing rays. In many ways she was shaped by her environment, but noticed that its effect on her was determined by her understanding of it and not the other way around. On a search for true understanding, Chrystal set out to discovered her roots. 

The Fall
At first she believed that if life was easy, fun, and free one would end up a wandering hippy without a sense of direction or income. Because of this belief she began to loose her sense of grounding, of certainty and her financial, mental, and emotional well-being took a swan dive.  It was this self imposed pressure that forced Chrystal to learn how to love and accept herself just as she is.

The Search 
This lead to a search for solid ground and a determination to treat herself and those she came across with acceptance and respect.  Chrystal enrolled into the University of Santa Monica's Masters program in Spiritual Psychology after she experienced several dark night and extreme light experiences and shifts in consciousness.  From lucid dreaming, to rapid insight, to gaining severe empathic abilities to blending in consciously with nature.  Chrystal's heart was reborn and felt a sensitivity and compassion for people, animals and nature never experienced to her before.  Chrystal was lead to understand herself, her soul's needs and to deeply connect with those on her path.

The Call to Action
The search lead her to a natural inclination to share what's she has come to know so far and to be a teacher and a student of the wisdom and freedom available to each of us as we open to it. Chrystal is a Radiant Health and LifeStyle Coach and a guide to help you reach your fullest potential.  She offers one on one coaching sessions, video tutorials of key tools that helped her succeed, and hands on tools to use daily to ground you in your heart and align you with your authentic way of being

Chrystal's Blog and You
Chrystal believes that not only can absolutely everyone achieve good health and live in beauty and freedom it is their inherent birthright. Every living creature deserves a fresh place to begin anew. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Let’s reclaim our own perspectives and be the people we have always believed ourselves to be :)

Chrystal's search lead her to discover that her "roots" were the things that made her happiest. This blog is a collection of her happy things.  Please enjoy.

Free Gift for You

Please email Chrystal at fromCawithLove@gmail.com and receive a free 30min Heart-centered Flow session where Chrystal will walk you to the front door of your heart so that you can discover the fullness of what's inside.  You will have greater clarity, hope, and understanding of your own path after the session.

Yours in Partnership,

Chrystal Hartberg